A tough day at work may be mentally and bodily robust for you. The weight of deadlines, conferences, multi-tasking and obligations can drain you out if you happen to don’t take a break or unwind your body and mind from time-to-time. Wondering how to relax the body and mind at work? Let’s help you out.

How to relax at work?

Well, if it’s an ‘all work and no play’ environment for you at office, and you get no leisure time for a break, you’re probably to really feel the burnout quickly. Give your body a while to relaxation and strive to let out all of your fear and rigidity there before returning dwelling with this negativity.

Health Shots obtained in contact with Ishan Shivanand, a specialist in meditation and the founding father of Yoga of Immortals, to study a few of the greatest ways to help you calm your body and mind once you’re feeling harassed or overwhelmed at work or in any other state of affairs.

(*5*)ways to relax body
Overworking can have an effect on both psychological and bodily health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Shivanand says, “Staying composed and steady at work is a necessary leadership quality. As per Bhagwad Gita, the state of ‘sthita-prajna’ —‘sthita’ relating to ‘being firm and calm’ and ‘prajna’ meaning ‘intelligent’ —can be achieved with a mind that is focused, unwavered and balanced.”

He provides, “Scientifically speaking, it is possible to attain this state of balance in life by making simple modifications in our work lifestyle.”

Here are 5 ways to relax your self at office to scale back stress:

1. Practice Pranayam

The first step to regulate the mind is to regulate the breath. ‘Prana’ pertains to the life pressure power inside us, whereas ‘yama’ means management. Pranayam breathwork helps modulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous techniques and enter the circulation state for environment friendly work efficiency. Moreover, it reduces stress, anger, regulates starvation, boosts immunity, and improves your sleep cycle as effectively.

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