Former Finance Committee Chairman of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Osei Palmer, has questioned the supply of funding for the acquisition of pick-up automobiles for Regional Football Associations (RFAs).

President Kurt Okraku revealed about two weeks in the past that the football governing body will purchase ten new pick-up vans for the RFAs to substitute the present ones.

However, the expenditure for the buy of the vans has not been spelled out in the monetary statement of the affiliation for the monetary year.

“Take a look at the budget,” he started. “There was no capital expenditure budget yet you say you are going to acquire pick-ups [vehicles] and give them to the RFAs, where is it in the budget? They should show me!

“You say you are going to construct a whole technical centre, make it anew, change the scope at Ghanaman [Soccer Centre of Excellence], where is it sitting in the budget?

“Nothing on capital expenditure, so if this is not a campaign, what else can you term it? It is surely a campaign,” he acknowledged.

Palmer who chaired the finance committee of the FA for seven years explained that “look at their budget…in budgets, we have budgeting and budgetary control, the process of budgeting is different from budgetary control.

“You don’t have to wait till the end of the year for you to know your budget will not materialize. So what is usually done is that, there is a cash flow statement and compartmentalise it into quarters or into months so that by the end of the month, the finance committee can meet and see if they are meeting targets so there should be an avenue for the budget to be reviewed but they have lumped everything.

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