The leader of the Youth group main the search staff for the dead bodies in the Wa killings fears there could possibly be more buried dead bodies in the bush the place one body was retrieved on Sunday.

Suphan Iddrisu on Sunday led a search staff that found the mutilated body of considered one of the murdered private safety men.

Speaking on Top Story, Monday, he noted that in their search in the bushes, they discovered some other body components which they suspect could possibly be the body components of one other particular person.

“The body parts that we found, we asked the police to check whether those parts were intact or otherwise but our checks prove that those human parts that we saw were intact in the person that we saw yesterday so we are thinking that that was another person that has been buried there or taken away,

“Yesterday’s incident started the same way, we went inside the bush and we were able to find traces that end up leading us to where they buried one of the men.

“So we are thinking that the whole issue or their operation was bound around that point that is why we are continuously moving around the bushes,” he said.

The Police on Sunday, September 18, retrieved the body of considered one of the murdered individuals who was allegedly killed Friday, September 16.

The body of the 58-year-old safety man was discovered in a shallow grave on the outskirts of Wa on Sunday, September 18.

An area search staff knowledgeable the police.

Meanwhile, the Police have arrested one particular person believed to be the prime suspect behind the Wa homicide case.

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