Have you been getting a yeast infection during periods? Well, it could possibly be the end result of poor menstrual hygiene together with numerous other causes. Menstrual cycle itself is an uncomfortable section that happens each month. In addition to experiencing unpleasant signs like bloating, temper swings, and cramps, sure girls may be susceptible to getting a yeast infection during the interval cycle and typically before and after it as properly. No matter what causes it, each girl who has it merely needs to get rid of it ASAP. So, right here you’ll discover the answer.

HealthShots spoke to Dr Thejaswini J, Consultant – Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Electronic City, Bengaluru to perceive what causes infection before and during menstrual cycle and how you possibly can handle it.

What causes infection before or during periods?

Dr Thejaswini says, “A yeast infection in your vagina occurs due to the increased growth of the Candida fungus because of intense hormonal fluctuations in the body.”

She provides, “Your estrogen levels are at their peak before your menstrual cycle begins and plummet as your periods begins. Even progesterone follows a similar pattern. Estrogen in particular is responsible for the overgrowth of the Candida albicans fungus, which is known to cause yeast infections.” There could possibly be a risk that you just may get a yeast infection around the identical time each month. This situation known as cyclic vulvovaginitis.

Symptoms of yeast infection

A yeast infection can current itself within the type of signs like discharge, inflammation, rashes, persistent itchy sensations, ache and swelling within the vagina. These signs may also embody burning or stinging sensations, particularly during intercourse or urination.

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