A Union Jack flag was set on fire by protesters while Australia marked a national day of mourning for the late Queen.

A memorial service to have fun the life of Her Majesty was held in Canberra on Thursday – a “one-off” public vacation introduced by the prime minister after her dying – as anti-monarchy demonstrations have been held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and the nation’s capital.

Prior to the memorial service at Canberra’s Parliament House, footage was shared on social media of the Union Jack being burned at a park in Melbourne – the beginning point for a lunchtime Abolish the Monarchy march.

A video was additionally shared by a Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) journalist of an Australian flag being set on fire in Brisbane as crowds chanted “always was, always will be Aboriginal land”.

Prime minister Anthony Albanese and governor-general David Hurley, who had solely lately returned from the Queen’s funeral, have been joined in Canberra by state and territory leaders, ministers, former ministers, ambassadors, chief justices and former governor-generals.

Following a minute’s silence and the singing of the national anthem Advance Australia Fair, Mr Hurley referred to as the day of mourning one of unhappiness however “also a day of reflection”. He went on to acknowledge that the country’s First Nations folks have been “shaped by the colonial history”.

“In considering the unifying role Her Majesty played, I’d acknowledge that her passing has prompted different reactions for some in our community. I’m conscious to respect that many First Nations Australians shaped by the colonial history have brought a reconciliation journey. That is a journey we as a nation must complete,” the governor-general told mourners.

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