Swollen vulva lips: Know what are its causes and treatment

Swollen vulva lips: Know what are its causes and treatment

Published on: 23 November 2022, 17:35 pm IST

When intimate health and hygiene are the priority, many ladies discover themselves confused after they witness some uncommon symptom. Swollen vulva lips is one such symptom that’s typically missed when it comes to vaginal health. The ‘lips’ of the vagina are referred to because the labia. The inside lip main to the vagina is called the labia minora, whereas labia majora is a fold of pores and skin on the outside of the vaginal area.

Together, thes function a barrier against discomfort and harm to the clitoris and vagina. The dimension of the labia can differ from girl to girl and even from one facet of the labia to the other.

On the other hand, labia can swell and hurt noticeably due to infections, allergic reactions, cysts and other diseases. It is normally the case with lots of girls, however they ignore the prevalence. That may cause extra hurt in the long term. Let’s know extra concerning the problems related to a swollen vulva lips.

Know the anatomy of your intimate areas proper right here!

What are signs of swollen labia?

You may experience signs like:

* Itching or burning within the genital area, with vaginal discharge.
* A foul vaginal odor
* Slightly bump on the labia ache when standing or sitting.
* Labia inflammation.

Why does this happen?

It is just not astonishing that both the labia majora and minora are susceptible to swelling as these tissues are delicate in nature. Most widespread causes of swollen vulva lips can embody:

1. Candida infections

The labia can change into swollen, blistering, itchy and infected due to yeast overgrowth, the commonest offender being Candida. Overuse of antibiotic medicines, being pregnant, diabetes, or using oral contraceptives are all potential causes of this overgrowth. A discharge that resembles cottage cheese may additionally happen in girls affected by this situation.

2. Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis develops when there’s sufficient of micro organism within the vagina, very similar to a yeast infection. Douching, having a number of intercourse companions, and even having a low focus of the “good” micro organism in your vagina would possibly induce this, and can permit the “bad” micro organism to take management.

Vaginal swelling
Protect from vaginal health from infections and inflammation. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Allergies

Your pores and skin is probably going to swell when it comes into contact with one thing it’s allergic to. Therefore, redness and vulvar inflammation are prevalent when the labia are irritated by allergens similar to scents in cleaning soap or detergent, latex in condoms or due to textiles in attire.

4. Bartholin’s cyst

Bartholin’s cysts have an effect on girls, normally these of their 20s. When the Bartholin glands, which are positioned instantly outdoors the vagina, get obstructed, these cysts develop. These glands present moisture, which aids in lubricating the vagina for intercourse. Many females will change into conscious of their cyst as soon as it turns into contaminated. The pores and skin around the vagina and labia may change into uncomfortable and irritated due to the cyst.

5. Lack of lubrication throughout intercourse

The intense friction throughout intercourse would possibly hurt your labia and your complete vaginal area if it isn’t adequately lubricated. Ensure that your vagina is lubricated sufficient before you go for intercourse.

How to deal with swollen vulva lips?

You want to seek the advice of a gynecologist should you see such signs. Share your signs, sexual and medical historical past, in addition to general health with the skilled.

If you’ve got an infection, a swab or a tissue pattern may be collected and despatched to a lab to establish whether or not it’s bacterial, parasitic or fungal in origin.

If wanted, a couple of scans for cysts could be performed. It might be handled with varied antibiotics and over-the-counter lotions and drugs.

healthy practices for vagina
Ensure wholesome vaginal practices. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

But there’s at all times a method you’ll be able to select to stop swollen labia sooner or later.

* Use a cool compress to scale back the swelling there.
* Try many heat (not sizzling) baths each day if a cyst is inflicting ache and swelling, and use over-the-counter ache relievers.
* Avoid douching. The common stability of “good” and “bad” micro organism within the vagina may be disturbed.
* Wearing tight pantyhose or tight undergarments is just not recommended. Tight clothes traps warmth and restricts airflow, which promotes the expansion of micro organism and fungi.
* Avoid utilizing perfumed female merchandise and detergents should you suppose you could be delicate to them.
* Discuss other contraception options along with your doctor you probably have a spermicide or latex allergy.
* To scale back friction throughout intercourse, use a lubricant.
* Add probiotics and yogurt to the weight loss plan.

The last phrase

Vaginal infection generally is a robust experience with all of the discomfort it comes with. But thankfully, it’s simply treatable and preventable.


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