A jealous boyfriend has been jailed for life after he fatally stabbed a man he believed to be seeing his girlfriend.

Oliver Muldowney, 36, of Richmond, stabbed Tim Hipperson, 39, in a jealous rage however was introduced to justice after his victim named him to a police officer together with his dying breath, the Old Bailey heard.

After receiving a deadly wound to his chest, Mr Hipperson staggered into Kings Road the place he collapsed in entrance of college run parents and children.

The assault occurred shortly before 4pm on May 17, 2020 and Mr Hipperson died three days later.

Muldowney was jailed for 29 years at the Old Bailey on Friday for the “senseless” and “tragic” homicide.

Emlyn-Jones, prosecuting, had told the courtroom that Mr Hipperson was attacked after his killer flew right into a jealous rage after the pair noticed each other in a busy a part of Richmond in broad daylight.

He said: “Tim stood up and said, ‘All right Ollie?’. Muldowney’s response to that was to say to Tim, ‘Think you can f*** Bobbie?’, a reference to Muldowney’s long-term girlfriend.

“As Chris Rosser looked on, Muldowney made three or four punching motions towards Tim Hipperson’s upper chest. It was only when Muldowney moved away that Chris Rosser realised that they were not punches because Muldowney was holding a large knife, with a serrated blade, and had used that knife to stab him.”

Murder victim Tim Hipperson

/ met police

The courtroom has heard that the victim had a drug habit and knew his killer.

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