The Ghana Lotto Operators Association (GLOA) and the Concerned Lotto Agents Association of Ghana (CLAA) have expressed grave dismay over the choice by NLA to outsource 5/90 lottery to a private agency, KEED Limited (KGL).

The Unions in a statement on September 14 contended that the meant resolution by the NLA will end in job losses.

“We, private lottery operators, are not opposed to the growing trend of digitizing the lottery industry. However, outsourcing the 5/90 lottery to KEED Limited (KGL) will lead to the job loss of millions of Ghanaians. There are almost two million writers employed by private lotto companies who could lose their jobs. Additionally, thousands of workers and over 6,000 writers will be impacted,” parts of the statement read.

The lotto operators and brokers additional questioned the authenticity of KGL and burdened that the meant motion by NLA is to profit personal curiosity of some government officers.

“The questions of “Who are the real owners of the KGL” and “What have they contributed to the Ghanaian economy and the lottery sector” nonetheless exist. Some government officers’ personal pursuits are extra at stake right here than the pursuits of hardworking Ghanaians or the nation’s economic system as a complete.”

GLOA and CLAA puzzled why the government would hand over the privatization of lotto operations to a agency which has been around for no more than two years when there are 15 registered private lotto corporations which “have paid millions of cedis over the last two years”.

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