Mr. Nkrabea Effah Dartey, the lawyer for embattled Chinese ‘Galamsey’ queen Aisha Huang, has levelled recent claims against the state over what he describes because the unfair treatment of her consumer over her alleged involvement in unlawful mining.

Aisha Huang, along with two others will stay in Police custody for the following two weeks because the Accra Circuit Court has turned down her request for bail.

Prosecutors bought an Accra Circuit Court to prolong a warrant of arrest allowing them to maintain her for at least two weeks, whereas they perform additional investigation into her alleged involvement in unlawful mining.

Speaking solely on JoyNews’ The Pulse with Blessed Sogah, Wednesday September 14, 2022, Mr. Nkrabea Effah Dartey questioned why the state is continuing with prosecution when, clearly, there isn’t a proof to show that Aisha Huang, who he describes as a legit business proprietor, engages in unlawful mining in Ghana.

Counsel of the accused says he suspects that some well-placed people in the mining business have an axe to grindwith Miss. Huang.

“But what I know for sure is that Aisha Huang, during the 2018 trial, she told me she has a lot of business interests in Ghana, and I suspect that those who owe her for services rendered or materials purchased from her and they have not paid back, it is those people who do not want Aisha Huang to be around.

They would not want to see her back in Ghana so that they can live without paying for her materials or things that she has sold to them. Otherwise, of course, I don’t know any particular human being that I can put my finger on and say that this particular person is orchestrating Aisha Huang’s woes or difficulties, but I suspect strongly that it is her debtors or her creditors who are trying to worry her” Nkrabea Effah Dartey said.

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