Cascading wired routers

Connecting a number of routers in cascade means connecting one router to one other, and this other router connecting it to one other, and so forth. The finest approach to connect one router to one other is to do it by way of an Ethernet network cable, in order not to lose bandwidth and have the absolute best efficiency.

Let’s think about that now we have a complete of three routers that we wish to cascade, we will want to use a complete of two network cables to connect them to each other, one cable to connect router R1 to R2, and one other cable to connect router R2 to R3. In this situation, if we connect a pc by way of cable or Wi-Fi to the R3 router, we will obtain the identical efficiency as if we connect instantly by R1, so long as now we have all of the Gigabit Ethernet ports, after all.

If you’re going to use cable to connect the totally different tools, we will have the ability to connect as many as we wish , in precept, there isn’t a restrict to the number of routers, so that you will have the ability to do it without issues.

Connecting the routers in cascade by Wi-Fi

In the occasion that the connection goes to be made by way of Wi-Fi between the three routers within the earlier instance, we’re going to discover efficiency issues and in addition high latency , which may imply that inserting the third router will not be a good suggestion. In the world of Wi-Fi, the shared medium entry protocol CSMA/CA is used, this implies that, before having the ability to broadcast, it has to “see” if there’s somebody broadcasting within the medium. In case the medium is free then we emit, if the medium is busy we wait a random time and take a look at again.

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