The London Academy of Excellence, dubbed “the Eton of the East End”, has made it to the ultimate three of the World’s Best School competitors. The sixth type in Stratford was nominated within the “supporting healthy lives” category after creating its personal well-being technique.

If it’s named because the winner in a ceremony held subsequent month, the school will use the money to train other schools within the well-being technique it has developed — specializing in schools working in areas of high socioeconomic deprivation.

LAE Stratford is among the most profitable sixth varieties within the country, regardless of serving a disadvantaged area in east London. A 3rd of their students are eligible for free school meals.

Principal Alex Crossman said: “We are a school that supports and fosters ambition and we have to be quite careful in the way we go about doing that.

Principal Alex Crossman


“Our students, despite their academic achievements, are as likely as anyone else in east London to have challenges at home. They are not here because of the absence of challenges in their lives. They are here because they find ways to cope with those challenges. What is really key for us is that the environment is supportive.”

The school was nominated after creating its well-being technique, which focuses on bettering its students’ wholesome habits, behaviour, knowledge and skills. It labored with a workforce of college psychology students who skilled Year 12 students in methods to enhance well-being. It additionally launched a “well-being ambassador” programme for students to assist their friends. To enhance attendance students had been coached in resilience and instilled with a mindset that being in school is crucial to their success.

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