Potatoes have all the time been the food surrounded by many misconceptions. Whether it’s the speak about how potatoes make you acquire weight or how they are dangerous for you if you happen to are a heart affected person. Well, we are right here to debunk this delusion and let you know that potatoes are nice for the heart sufferers!

Any vegetable, if eaten, after frying is unhealthy for you and identical goes for potatoes. But boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, when eaten in a restricted amount are an effective way to embrace them in your weight loss program and revel in its advantages.

potato for heart
Bake and make your potato delicacies to take pleasure in its advantages! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Your diet plays a crucial role in the process of keeping your heart healthy apart from doing exercises. When one talks about diet, certain foods have been considered good for your heart health. Usually, foods that are highly processed filled with unhealthy fats, sodium and sugar need to be avoided,” says Avni Kaul, a nutritionist.

While sure meals are thought of good for heart health, potatoes are one in all them. But this conclusion was reached after a examine was executed with regards to potatoes on heart health.

Reasons that make potatoes good for heart sufferers are:

1. Lowers blood strain

“Potatoes are rich in potassium, which assists lower blood pressure,” says Kaul. Potassium is among the most important minerals wanted for the functioning of the heart. Potassium helps the heart in pumping blood via the body and principally retains the heart beating. So, potatoes help in maintaining the blood strain in management and scale back the chance of cardiovascular diseases.

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