Popular preacher and former husband of gospel singer, Obaapa Christy has explained that the divorce was no fault of his; as a substitute, his ex-spouse’s.

According to Pastor Love, ministers of the gospel who divorce their companions are all the time blamed for failing to save their marriages. He explained that when the marital situation goes overboard, it turns into arduous to resolve it.

“I am a man of God and I want people to understand that marriage is not speed, it is deep… no one plans to divorce but when you’re not able to solve the faults, it will happen. In my case, the fault wasn’t from me but the woman. I just had to accept it in good faith and move on,” he disclosed in an interview with Afia Tamakloe on Mahyease TV Show.

Pastor Love Kweku Hammond has admonished married {couples} to find out how to forgive each other if they want to avert struggling an identical case.

“I have a message for married couples. This time you can find me on TikTok as Pastor Love and I am always having programmes on marriage. You can’t get married or stay in a marriage if you don’t learn to forgive. You must learn to try and sacrifice to forgive your partner when they wrong you. This will help you to progress,” he charged.

He continued: “In my case, it gave me experience, the reason I am also educating others. We must try to forgive to stay in a marriage. I think that is better.”

Men have been additionally admonished to keep away from a number of companions which in accordance to Pastor Love hinders progress of their lives.

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