Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu says he will not permit the Office of the Special Prosecutor to become a rogue institution of CDD-Ghana.

Mr Amidu said he will do every thing legal to stop this from taking place.

In his newest epistle, he alleges that individuals inside CDD-Ghana’s Corruption have tried to silence him on talking on issues of corruption.

According to him, he has been attacked by CDD-Ghana’s Corruption Watch Ghana for criticising the Special Prosecutor over his latest report on Labianca.

I’ll use legal means to ensure OSP doesn't become rogue institution of CDD-Ghana - Amidu
Martin Amidu

“The more my person is attacked and intimidated, the more I shall use all available legal and constitutional means at my disposal to ensure that the Office of the Special Prosecutor does not become a rogue institution of CDD-Ghana’s Corruption Watch Ghana and their associates who are pushing it into illegal acts to enhance their entrepreneurial influence peddling or trading of influence at the expense of the security and laws of Ghana.”

What did Amidu say about OSP’s report on Labianca?

Mr Amidu said the Labianca report was hole, with out mandate and unconstitutional.

This, he explained, is as a result of “the report seriously violates the statutory mandate of the OSP under the 1992 Constitution.”

He said the report can be inconsistent with and contravenes Act 959 and the 1992 Constitution.

“The Report of Investigations into Alleged Commission of Corruption And Corruption-related offences involving Labianca Group of Companies and the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority” dated 3 August 2022 and published on 8 August 2022 within the digital media doesn’t include or disclose the authority or mandate of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act, 2017 (Act 959) under which the report was written, and directives given for cost of “….an amount of 1,074,627.15 representing the short collection or shortfall of revenue arising from the issuance of the unlawful customs advance ruling….into the Assets Recovery Account of the Office of the Special Prosecutor” and published for public consumption.”

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