Italy-based Albanian, Suele Afia Adom has said that she would select Ghana over her beginning country and needs to set up a business right here in Ghana.

In an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Suele Adom expressed her love for Ghana and revealed that she learnt how to prepare dinner and communicate the Twi language to talk together with her Ghanaian in-legal guidelines.

According to her, it’s her dream to migrate to Ghana, settle and set up a business right here. Married to a Ghanaian, Suele grew to become interested in her husband’s dwelling country and researched it.

“I’m coming to stay in Ghana. I won’t come back to Italy again. I love Fufu, Banku, Kenkey, Jollof. I want to stay and establish a business in Ghana. I will only come to Italy for the holidays. I don’t want to die in Italy. I’m a Ghanaian, and Ghana is my home,” Suele Adom said.

The host, DJ Nyaami, requested her to select between Ghana and Albania, and he or she said: “I choose Ghana. I swear, I love Ghana more (Suele said in Twi).”

Speaking to her husband, Mr. Adom noted that “she was critical about studying the language, so I had to train her. She will not be fluent but, however she’s doing effectively.

She follows Ghanaian content material on social media extra, and he or she speaks to my mother usually. I’ll say my mother taught her the language. She can put together Ghanaian stews and soups.”

Moreover, Mr. Adom indicated that her parents initially disagreed together with her marriage due to what they’d heard about Africans in Europe. However, her family finally gave them their blessings.

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