The regular factor once we broaden a pc by way of its {hardware} is to make a clear slate, nevertheless this isn’t all the time the case, since generally we make minor updates, both improve the amount of RAM or change it with a quicker one throughout the similar kind . Change a tough drive for an SSD or just change our CPU with a extra highly effective one. This is the place figuring out the motherboard that we’re utilizing and on which all of the parts of our pc have been positioned is necessary.

How to determine my motherboard?

The most direct manner to do that is to shut down the pc, unplug the cables, disassemble the case, and dismantle all the PC. Then, after taking a glance at it, you’ll discover it silkscreened someplace on the motherboard PCB . Of course, we all know that not all of our readers are adept at disassembling and reassembling their pc. What’s extra, pre-built pc designs typically have issues in that regard.

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The humorous factor is that even with pre-made PCs of sure manufacturers, the identical motherboards are used with which you’ll be able to construct a PC. Moreover, it’s normally these corporations that manufacture the plate that construct these fashions of their factories. So, in general, OEM programs are normally rebrandings with a pleasant field, poor cooling and a awful energy provide, which we are able to construct on our personal.

Directly from Windows

However, there’s a manner with which you will discover out the motherboard of your pc with out having to disassemble something, you are able to do it any longer from your PC, comfortably, and also you simply have to comply with these steps:

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