Vice-President of IMANI-AFRICA, Bright Simons has proposed what could possibly be the country’s antidote to its poor monetary administration and information.

Speaking at the 2022 Baah-Wiredu Memorial Lecture on Thursday, Mr. Simons bemoaned the shortage of trust amongst the elements accountable for correct public monetary administration within the country.

For this cause, IMAN-Africa’s Vice-President believes a new trust framework is required for the environment friendly monetary administration of the country’s purse.

“We need to have a new trust framework in Ghana where we genuinely accept and we want to fix the problem. I think right now there is a lot of defensiveness on the part of government, a lot of polarization of things that are obvious and plain and truthful. When you say them they say you are attacking government but those things have made it very difficult for us to get a handle on this,” he explained.

He burdened that for government to have the option to handle the state of affairs elements such because the Civil Society teams, the Accountant and Controller General’s Department, Public Accounts Committee, Bank of Ghana amongst others, the other elements should “work in sync very effectively”.

Mr. Simons additionally debunked the government’s declare that the distressed financial system is due to the Russia-Ukraine battle.

He argued that there’s no justification for the government to blame the sorry state of the Ghanaian financial system on the battle in Ukraine as a result of the country’s financial system just isn’t as uncovered to the Russian financial system as other countries.

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