A rail union has confirmed that train drivers at 12 corporations will stage contemporary strikes next month, persevering with the economic unrest that has hit a number of sectors this summer time.

Members of Aslef will walk out on October 1 and 5, which will have an effect on journey for delegates and guests to the Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

A strike deliberate for last week was known as off as a mark of respect following the Queen’s demise.

Aslef said it’s in for the “long haul” because the rail disputes stay deadlocked.

General secretary Mick Whelan said: “We would much rather not be in this position. We don’t want to go on strike – withdrawing your labour, although a fundamental human right, is always a last resort for this trade union – but the train companies have been determined to force our hand.

“They are telling train drivers to take a real-terms pay cut. With inflation now running at 12.3% – and set, it is said, to go higher – these companies are saying that drivers should be prepared to work just as hard, for just as long, but for considerably less.

Train drivers kept Britain moving – key workers and goods around the country – throughout the pandemic and we deserve to be treated better than this

“The companies with whom we are in dispute have not offered us a penny. It is outrageous that they expect us to put up with a real-terms pay cut for a third year in a row.

“That’s why we are going on strike – to persuade the companies to be sensible, to do the right thing, and come and negotiate properly with us, not to run up and say, ‘Our hands are tied and the Government will not allow us to offer you an increase’.

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