Frequent urination: 5 causes of the constant urge to pee

Frequent urination: 5 causes of the constant urge to pee

Making rounds of the lavatory to empty your bladder all through the day is an indication that you’re coping with frequent urination. This generally is a sign for a number of issues occurring inside your body. For occasion, it may be an indication of infection or being pregnant. It may even happen due to bodily adjustments. Frequent urination can really feel disruptive and annoying and thus requires your quick consideration. Before that, you want to find out about the doable causes of a constant urge to pee.

4 circumstances that trigger frequent urination:

1. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

UTIs happen when micro organism enter the urinary tract. They can have an effect on any half of the urinary tract, however they normally have an effect on the bladder. This situation is often known as cystitis.

causes of a constant urge to pee
There are many issues answerable for UTIs as nicely. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Pregnancy

Frequent urination is one of the early indicators of being pregnant as hormones lead to elevated blood move in the pelvic area. Later in the being pregnant, ladies really feel an urge to incessantly urinate as the fetus places pressure on the bladder.

3. Overactive bladder

People with overactive bladders really feel a frequent urge to urinate even when there may be little urine. Studies recommend that an overactive bladder makes the muscle groups squeeze greater than ordinary and thus leads to frequent urination.

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4. Bladder, prostate, or ovarian most cancers

In some uncommon cases, frequent urination signifies most cancers in the bladder, prostate, and ovary. The signs of UTI and most cancers in these areas are fairly widespread which makes it tougher to diagnose by yourself and thus, this requires quick medical consideration.


If you’re experiencing frequent urges to urinate with out having the ability to empty your bladder, it may be an indication of a urinary tract infection. In such a case, your doctor advises you to go for a urinalysis to decide whether or not or not you’ve gotten a UTI. This is a straightforward urine take a look at that checks if there may be any micro organism or infection current in your urine. If it’s UTI, then your doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics to deal with the situation.

causes of constant urge to pee
There are a number of ladies, who experience frequent urination. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

To deal with circumstances like prostate enlargement, docs recommend benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatment that may be labored out along with your doctor by which a mix of medication and bladder coaching can help you get by the drawback.

For pregnant ladies, fundamental kegel workouts are recommended to relieve the signs. As benign prostatic hyperplasia may be prescribed by your doctor.

Here are some suggestions to take care of the constant urge to pee:

You can observe sure preventative measures like:

1. Have a soothing heat tub everytime you really feel the want to pee.
2. Wear comfy, loose-fitting garments, particularly pants and undergarments.
3. Drink loads of fluids.
4. You ought to keep away from caffeine and alcohol as a lot as doable.

(*5*)causes of constant urge to pee
Frequent urination might be managed. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


The feeling of the constant urge to pee might be very uncomfortable. You ought to search the help of your doctor with out feeling embarrassed about it. Generally, there may be an underlying trigger that wants to be handled. The commonest trigger is a UTI which might be handled. Do not ignore any signs as they’ll lead to extreme infections.

Your doctor will find a way to information you on the strategies of treatment and the life-style adjustments you want to make to resolve the situation. Drink wholesome fluids usually and should you really feel the urge to pee, observe by everytime you want to and don’t maintain it in.

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