Diabetes: Why do blood sugar levels rise after meals?

Diabetes: Why do blood sugar levels rise after meals?

World Diabetes Day: If you’ve kind 1 diabetes, you need to routinely examine your blood sugar levels before meals. We may not all the time take into consideration what happens to our blood sugar levels simply after consuming. But it’s fairly frequent for everybody to experience transient spikes of their blood sugar post a meal.

Learning how to attempt to handle a rise in your blood sugar levels after meals may help enhance your general health and wellness. This is as a result of high sugar levels could cause signs corresponding to thirst, fatigue, and a relentless want to use the restroom.

Why is my blood sugar so high after consuming?

It is frequent for individuals to have a short leap of their blood sugar after consuming a meal, particularly if it contains carbs before the insulin generated of their our bodies begins to work to lower the surge. This is referred to as a post-prandial spike. These will increase could be better and keep longer in individuals with kind 1 diabetes – who’re unable to make their very own insulin.

This is due to the fact that the insulin they inject (or obtain by way of an insulin pump) may take longer to start appearing than the insulin that an individual with out diabetes would usually make of their body to decrease these post-meal rises.

Furthermore, it’s important to perceive that people with kind 1 diabetes may have modifications in numerous digestive enzymes, which will lead to faster digestion of our meals (ensuing within the glucose reaching the bloodstream quicker). This may additionally influence the spike’s magnitude.

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What you eat will all the time influence your sugar levels. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How to management blood sugar spikes after consuming?

Your future health will profit if you happen to spend extra time in your goal blood sugar vary, generally referred to because the ‘time in range’. This may be achieved by decreasing these spikes. Since it may fluctuate from individual to individual, you need to converse together with your healthcare supplier to decide the optimum goal vary for you.

In the close to time period, you need to cut back the recurrence of high blood sugar degree signs. At the same time, you need to concentrate on growing your energy levels, cognitive (considering) and athletic skills, and general temper by avoiding extended high blood sugar readings after consuming.

How can I inform if my blood sugar levels have risen?

Blood sugar spikes can happen at completely different occasions, relying on the person and the food. However, the post-meal peaks typically happen one hour and fifteen minutes after a meal has begun.

The use of a steady glucose monitor or flash monitor are trendy strategies to decide post-meal developments, with out the traditional finger-pricking method.

Here are some suggestions to cut back a few of your post-meal blood sugar will increase in magnitude and size. However, a phrase of warning: Please seek the advice of your healthcare workforce before adopting any of the next to decide whether or not it’s applicable for you.

1. Select meals with a low glycemic index

Many food gadgets in our food plan, together with white bread, rice, and nearly all of breakfast cereals, have a high glycemic index, which causes glucose to be released into the bloodstream extraordinarily rapidly. We may keep away from or flatten the blood glucose surge after meals if we select low-glycemic-index meals corresponding to oats, whole-wheat bread, pasta, and peas since insulin can perform at the same price.

high glycemic foods
Choose low glycemic meals if you’re diabetic. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Select the right insulin at the suitable second

Compared to an individual with out diabetes, whose body makes its personal insulin, which reaches the blood in solely seconds, rapid-acting insulin may take up to quarter-hour to start working.

The post-meal blood sugar spike will be higher managed by rapid-acting insulins than by unusual insulin.

3. Schedule of injections

We are recommended to inject 15-20 minutes before to consuming to cut back blood glucose will increase since we inject insulin into fats positioned instantly beneath the pores and skin (subcutaneous). Depending on the glycemic index of the food you will be consuming and your pre-meal blood glucose studying, you may select the time.

The last phrase

Keeping insulin levels inside vary entails a whole lot of focus, consideration and energy for somebody with kind 1 diabetes. However, it’s useful to perceive that fairly than striving for blood glucose perfection, we will applaud our on a regular basis efforts to keep our health.

Analyze your every day food decisions and the way your body responds greatest to numerous meal varieties and insulin timings. Ask your diabetes workforce for help as you’re employed by means of this at your personal velocity.

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