Deal with bloating and gas issues with these natural quick-fixes

Deal with bloating and gas issues with these natural quick-fixes

“Oh god, I feel so bloated!” Can you relate to this? Well, nobody can deny experiencing bloating at one time or one other. It is an uneasy sensation and happens due to trapped gas or high pressure within the intestine. Bloating causes enlargement of the stomach, and it may additionally really feel tender or painful. Eating a really massive meal or gas-producing food are the frequent triggers of bloating. It is a quite common short-term drawback and normally will get resolved by itself. However, for some folks, it turns right into a chronic drawback. So, know the causes and simple treatments to deal with bloating.

Recently, health coach Neha Ranglani took to her social media to share the causes and simple treatments for normal bloating via an Instagram reel.

Common causes of Bloating

Let’s strive and perceive the various causes of bloating:

1. Your mouth

The first one begins proper with your mouth. So, in case you are any person who doesn’t chew their food too properly, eats too quick or talks whereas consuming, then you aren’t breaking down your food sufficient. This can lead to bloating.

2. Low abdomen acid

Having low ranges of abdomen acid keep away from the food from being damaged down properly. The greater items get into the gut and ferment, main to inflammation and bloating.

stomach acidity
Stomach acids play an necessary role in inflicting bloating.

3. Sluggish liver and gall bladder

Another reason for bloating is a sluggish liver and gall bladder, which launch bile and enzymes to help digestion. Without these, the undigested food can create havoc in your intestine which causes bloating.


SIBO means an overgrowth of the micro organism within the small gut the place they don’t seem to be meant to be. As the food enters, they feed on it creating gas and bloating.

5. Overgrowth of undesirable micro organism and yeast

There might be an overgrowth of undesirable micro organism in your massive gut due to sugar, refined and fried meals, lack of sleep, unmanaged stress, and so forth. This, in flip, irritates the bowel lining and releases poisonous gases main to bloating.

6. Food intolerance

Sometimes, your bloating can come from food intolerances like gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, sugar, corn, nuts, and meals you by no means know!

What are some natural methods to deal with bloating

Kitchen elements
Get your palms on easy kitchen elements like ginger, fennel, ajwain, and aloe vera to soothe the intestine lining and help dispel the gas from the stomach simply. 

ginger for bloating
Ginger works wonders for bloating. Image courtesy: Pixabay


Bitter herbs like dandelion and chamomile kick the digestive tract into gear and get all of the important digestive juices flowing, thus decreasing gas formation.


Add good high quality probiotic dietary supplements to enhance the bacterial population and thereby cut back adjustments of bloating.


Breathing consciously via the day, particularly before and after meals, retains the stress hormones in test.

breathe properly
Right respiration can help you fight bloating. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Digestive drinks

You can add digestive drinks for acidity to your every day weight loss plan akin to lemon water, natural teas and kanji.

The last phrase

Bloating every now and then might rely in your consuming or way of life habits, however when you really feel always bloated, it’s best to test the underlying causes. Besides that, interact in a bodily activity on a regular basis to make the gas and bloating go away.

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