Head of Public Affairs at the Ghana Cocoa Board, Fiifi Boafo says unlawful mining activities in water our bodies have compelled cocoa farmers to transport water from home to their numerous farms to be used.

This, he said has led to a high cost of operations for cocoa farmers since they might have to pay extra for transportation of the water.

Although this provides up to the strenuous activity of farming, that is the one means to guarantee they produce cocoa beans that meet worldwide standards.

Mr. Boafo noted that the country dangers shedding proceeds from cocoa if ‘galamsey’ activities linger on.

“Farmers now have to carry water from home to the farm before they are able to mix their fungicides and pesticides to spray their cocoa farms because the water bodies within the farming communities are not good enough for them to spray. So cost of operation for cocoa farming is high now and a farmer who is not having much from his activity now have to spend more,” he said.

Mr. Boafo said the present figures on the destruction of cocoa plantations primarily by unlawful mining is “frightening”.

“So clearly, on daily basis, we have these people taking over cocoa farms and then using the land for illegal mining. The Figure we have given to the public is figure from the beginning of the year. Indeed let me say that figure is from two cocoa regions. Meaning, if we do extensive work, the figure will be more frightening than what we see today,” he added.

According to Mr. Boafo, some traditional leaders take lands belonging to cocoa farmers who’re largely not alludial house owners and don’t hail from the community and hand over the lands to unlawful miners.

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