A London father is shaken after being attacked by two men on mopeds brandishing a machete and knife who demanded he hand over his luxurious watch.

The man, who the Standard has agreed not to name, said he was focused whereas having a drink along with his spouse on Queen Street in Mayfair forward of the Coldplay live performance last month.

“I knew they were after my [£70,000] watch so I ran up Curzon Street and they ran me over with the moped and were brandishing the machete saying ‘Give me your watch’,” he told the Standard.

He managed to escape into a close-by Tesco along with his watch intact, however not with out being hit with a moped thrice and by an oncoming car as he ran onto the street.

“I got hit three times by the scooters. The last time they ran into me…I was in the middle of the road. At that time I saw my wife come out of nowhere and kick one of them.

“She kicked one of them but she didn’t see they had a knife. They put it to her face.”

A man dived into Boris Bikes whereas being mugged for his luxurious watch

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The victim said he was left “pretty bashed” and nonetheless has ache in his shoulders.

“It shook everyone up that saw it because they were relentless. Normally they snatch and go but they didn’t.

“They’re so brazen at the moment. This was 4.30 in the afternoon.”

He is one in every of hundreds which have been mugged across London in one of many fastest-rising crimes this year.

Muggings, or thefts from an individual, have risen by almost 70 percent in the last 12 months in the capital, with greater than 57,000 incidents recorded between August 2021 and August 2022.

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