A e book that includes a cartoon cowl of the late Queen and new King has been returned to a museum’s store after being withdrawn following her demise.

The book cover features a caricature of the late Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III, in his previous role as the Prince of Wales
The e book cowl encompasses a caricature of the late Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III, in his earlier role because the Prince of Wales© Reuters

Its creator said he was contacted by Northampton Museum and Art Gallery because it feared the e book “had the potential to bring [it] into disrepute”.

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Tony Boullemier said he was “delighted” his children’s e book was again again.

West Northamptonshire Council runs the museum and said it was eliminated for the “period of national mourning”.

The Little Book of Monarchs was published in 2013 and charts the historical past of the Royal Family from 1066.

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Its entrance cowl exhibits a caricature by illustrator Adrian Teal of the then Prince of Wales sneaking behind his mother’s again to seize her crown, whereas the Queen’s speech bubble says: “Wait for it!”.

Author and native historian Mr Boullemier, 76, who lives in Boughton, close to Northampton, said he was shocked the e book had been faraway from sale – however whereas he thought it was unlikely to upset anybody, he appreciated the museum’s position.

“I didn’t think it was going to be off permanently because that would have been rather like burning it – which is what they used to do, in fact, they still do in parts of the world,” he said.

“On the same day I had another local bookshop that phoned me and said, ‘Can we have another supply, as we’re selling out fast because of the Queen’s funeral?’.”

Mr Boullemier, a former chief sub-editor at the Daily Express who helped to launch the Northants Post within the Seventies before promoting the group of 11 weekly papers, described himself as a “history buff”.

“I’m on a mission to improve teaching of history to children – they don’t get a proper run-through of history as we used to,” he said.

“I would say Queen Elizabeth II has not put a foot wrong unlike so many of her predecessors. She is definitely the best.”

Conservative councillor Adam Brown, answerable for housing, tradition and leisure, said: “The Little Book of Monarchs was eliminated by a member of store workers instantly after the demise of Queen Elizabeth II, given the entrance cowl depiction of the brand new King stealing the crown from behind Queen Elizabeth’s again.

“Museum management agreed it could cause offence to visitors and that it should be removed for the period of national mourning for a beloved Queen, but it is now back on the shelves.”

Credit: angelonline

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