The Minority in Parliament has described as embarrassing makes an attempt by government to defend top officers complicit in the Aisha Huang unlawful mining case.

It says such individuals “involved in this cruel conspiracy against our republic” ought to have been fired and charged alongside with the ‘galamsey’ queen.

A statement issued by the Minority Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, underscored that to date all of the charges levelled against Aisha Huang are scanty, superficial and slender as a result of there’s an intention to protect guilty accomplices in high locations.

“It remains a mockery of humongous proportions that all of Ghana’s security ministers are still keeping their jobs. When nobody in authority is punished for this international disgrace and for this grand scheme which has left our environment and water bodies destroyed, the only logical interpretation is that national leadership, right from the Presidency, is complicit.

“It is also clear to us from concrete facts we have discovered that Aisha Huang’s charges are deliberately scanty, narrow and superficial with the obvious intention of protecting guilty accomplices in high places,” the statement said.

This follows the Minority’s investigations which uncovered that Aisha Huang holds two completely different Chinese passports which she makes use of for her travels.

These two passports have completely different identities and dates of delivery, and till her latest re-arrest, she had been utilizing them for her a number of journeys to Togo.

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