At the Emmy Awards 2022, amid thundering claps and the Hollywood razzmatazz, a joke was heard loud and clear. Host Kenan Thompson referred to as out 26-year-old Zendaya for now being too previous to date a 47-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio! Clearly, it was fairly a statement to make a couple of latest meme-fest on ageism.

When the Titanic star and his 25-year-old girlfriend Camila Morrone broke up lately, fans made viral jokes around DiCaprio’s relationship historical past, which incorporates girls younger than 25!

At the Emmy’s, when Thompson introduced Zendaya’s name among the many nominees, he quipped, “Zendaya just turned 26 last week. 26 is a weird age in Hollywood. I mean, you’re young enough to play a high school student, but you’re too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio.”

The joke may have elicited laughter, however underlined how ladies have a tendency to get caught in an ‘ageism trap’ – inside or exterior relationship world – far more than men do. And it’s no laughing matter, actually.

Camila Morrone
The many moods of Camila Morrone, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex girlfriend. Image courtesy: Instagram | Camila Morrone

The ageism entice

A good friend tells me, “I was told by a 44-year-old that I wouldn’t find anyone because I’m 40 now. And all this while he continues to date much younger women!”

The man and anybody who indulges in both delicate put-downs or outright discrimination, maybe wants to hear what 72-year-old clothier Vera Wang famously said about ageism. “I find ageism so old-fashion.” It really is!

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