In this submit, you’re going to learn the way to hurt a narcissist and make them really feel dangerous.

Dealing with a narcissist requires you to even be good at the game they’re good at. Narcissists are individuals who have a distorted self-image, they suppose they’re superior to others and consider that they deserve particular treatment.

Narcissists are in all places. They’re the boss who walks around the office flaunting their laurels and looking out down on everybody else. They’re the coworker who takes credit score on your concept after which graciously says, “It was your idea.” They’re the friends with a sky-high opinion of themselves who needs you to do issues for them however doesn’t have time for you.

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There are some ways to hurt a narcissist however listed below are the 7 best ones:


How To Hurt A Narcissist

1. Make them really feel like they’re not adequate

The first step to hurting a narcissist is to make them really feel dangerous about themselves. For instance, you possibly can point out issues they don’t seem to be good at as an alternative of praising them. This will hurt them badly.

2. Criticize their bodily look

Another manner to make a narcissist really feel dangerous is to criticize their bodily look. This will scale back their shallowness and decrease their ego. No one feels good whenever you criticize their look.

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3. Point out their flaws

Discussing the negative traits of your narcissist boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, co-worker, or any sort of narcissist you are attempting to hurt will make them really feel embarrassed. We all have negative traits however nobody needs others to learn about them. So, point out their flaws to them and so they will really feel hurt.

4. Talk about their previous failures in entrance of other individuals

Most narcissists really feel dangerous whenever you inform others about their failures in life. All they need is for others to see them as the perfect. So, making others see them as failures will make them indignant and likewise really feel dangerous.

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5. Show them that you simply don’t care about them or the issues they do

Narcissists have a really fragile ego. They want to be continually reassured that they’re the perfect and that they’re beloved. A narcissist will really feel dangerous after they uncover you might have stopped caring or listening to them. Narcissists need consideration and admiration however after they cease getting it, they really feel dangerous. So, present them you don’t care about them and so they will really feel hurt.

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6. Laugh at them in public

Laughing at a narcissist within the public is one other manner to make them really feel dangerous. When I say you need to snigger at them, I don’t imply laughing at their jokes. What I imply is making a mockery of them, particularly when they’re humiliated or after they behave foolishly in public.

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7. Ignore or exclude them out of your activities and conversations with others

Excluding a narcissist from the activities you’re concerned in is one other hurtful factor you are able to do to them and make them really feel dangerous. No one feels higher when they’re remoted from others. So, the perfect factor you are able to do to a narcissist to hurt them if you end up within the public is to keep away from responding to their dialog or participating in any activity they’re a part of.

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